Plastic Bottles & Jars

Endless Possibilities

The convenience, safety, flexibility, and sustainability of plastic bottles and jars make them the smart choice for a huge range of products. With a multitude of resins, molding processes, coatings, colorants, barriers, closure, size and shape options, the possibilities are nearly limitless. Regardless of material, shape, capacity, or market, All American Containers can help you find a package that meets your visual and functional requirements.

More Product, Less Packaging

Plastic bottles and jars help bring home more product with less packaging. Plastic packaging in general is lightweight and strong—different plastics can be molded, extruded, cast and blown into seemingly limitless shapes and films or foams. This resourcefulness often delivers while using minimal resources, creating less waste, consuming fewer resources and creating fewer CO2 emissions than alternative materials. Plastics make packaging more efficient, which ultimately conserves resources.



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