If you don’t find the answers to your most pressing questions below, call or contact us.  We’d love the opportunity to fill in any blanks for you.

1. Why should I buy from a Distributor and not directly from a Manufacturer?

As a distributor we can offer you a variety of services that you may not get buying direct:

  • Pricing based on the purchasing power of a national organization.
  • Warehousing and inventory options.
  • The ability to purchase all your packaging components in one place and save on shipping costs.

Many distributors have strayed from the core value of working with a distributor…STOCKING.  Distributors have the ability to store your product so you can order on as-needed basis and concentrate on your business.  Your company and your business are important to us.  We want to work together to develop an inventory program that fits your needs.

2. Do I need to complete a credit application to establish terms?

Yes, and you can download our credit application here.

3. How do you determine the credit limit if my application is approved?

Bank and credit references play a large role in how your credit limit is determined.

4. Instead of completing a credit application, may I prepay with a credit card or check?

Yes, we accept Visa, MasterCard and American Express. Business checks are also accepted.

5. Do you accept blanket orders?

Yes, we have over 1,000,000 square feet of warehousing nationally and are willing to purchase a large quantity of merchandise on your behalf with a purchase order, and store your ware for up to 90 days for you to release as needed.

6. Will your company provide freight quotes?

Yes, we will provide freight quotes to our customers. With 14 offices nationally, we move a significant amount of freight and pass along to our customers the discounts we have negotiated with various carriers.

7. How long does it take to process my order?

Typically the processing time for a non-inventoried item is 2-3 business days.  You will then receive a formal order confirmation with an estimated ship date.  For stock items, orders may be confirmed and shipped within 24 hours.

8. Can you test my product with your packaging?

Some of our manufacturers have the ability to test their components with your products and make suggestions, however, the ultimate responsibility for product compatibility belongs to the customer.

9. Why are the case counts different for bottles and caps?

Closure is typically smaller and weighs less, and is bulk packed in boxes therefore larger quantities are allowable per the weight of the box.

10. How do I know my label will fit on your bottle?

We can provide samples and specification sheets with a minimum and maximum suggested label size.

11. Why are there set up charges for my custom color components?

Custom color components require the molding machine to be purged in order to remove any remnants of the colored material.

12. Are the caps included when you order caps and jars?

No, the caps come separately as their own line item.

13. What is the difference between silk screening and offset printing?

Both silk screening and offset printing work with an ink process. With silk screening you can match colors more easily and have a wider range of colors to work with including metallic inks. Offset printing has some color limitations.

Because offset printing uses plates to transfer images you can accomplish a higher definition with details and shading in the artwork designs.

With silk screening you are limited to 3-4 passes, offset printing can go up to 7-8 colors.

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